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ISBN 1-900467-02-X Published by FINIAL PUBLISHING in collaboration with the Flying Scotsman Association.

A remarkable stallion of speed that is the Flying Scotsman - the world's most famous record-breaking express steam locomotive that used to flash across the British countryside - is featured in a fascinating new fully illustrated book.

`The World's Most Famous Steam Locomotive' is a highly readable true story of national and international interest about a locomotive that has clocked up an amazing 2.4 million miles - the equivalent of one hundred times round the world or almost five return trips to the moon.

Loved and revered by many in the past and today, Flying Scotsman's 100 plus tonnes of charismatic metal sped the prestigious express train of the same name at speeds touching 100 mph between London and Edinburgh along the East Coast Main Line.

But after being saved from the scrapyard on its purchase by railway enthusiast and entrepeneur Alan Pegler in 1963, Flying Scotsman hauled excursion trains across most of England, Wales and Scotland.

Covering the period from 1923 through to the present - and with an easy reference at-a-glance chronology - the book is packed with more than 120 historic photographs, most previously unpublished. Built in 1923 at Doncaster for the London & North Eastern Railway for the sum of 7,944 pounds, Flying Scotsman is now priceless.

But the book is not just about the rise, fall and phoenix-like rise again of a `nine-lives' locomotive that is a living legend, it is also about the remarkable people behind the impressive machine - in the good times and the bad.

About the poetry of motion - and how Flying Scotsman, the grandmaster of Britain's railways cast its spell on an entire nation then and now - the book is not just a nostalgic look back either.

It is also an inspiring look forward as Flying Scotsman under a new owner undergoes a back to basics 300,000 pound two year rebuild set to result in its triumphant return to Britain's railway tracks in 1999.

"Flying Scotsman was and is a living legend - the locomotive has inspired people since it was on the drawing board back in the early 1920s and it still does today" said David Clifford, 58, the author of `The Worlds Most Famous Steam Locomotive' who lives in Swanage, Dorset, England.

"When Flying Scotsman was built in 1923, it combined the very latest thinking in railway design and innovation. It was the white heat of technology. You could say it was the Space Shuttle of its time."

For further information on Flying Scotsman visit the Flying Scotsman Association

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